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Sunday, May 1, 2016

LIfe is Hectic!

Where has the time gone? April has flown by and finished itself out without me. Sometimes it feels like you can not breath because life is not giving you a chance to slow down. You are rushing to and fro and never catching up. This month we traveled for work out of town for a week and then made the big move. This weekend we moved our daughter into her first apartment after college. 

Watching her make her own life decisions sometimes made me so proud that I could cry for the little girl she used to be. It's always hard to watch your children grow up and especially hard to watch them go out into the big world on their own. You want them to succeed and never have a moment's worry, but life does not work like that. We just have to remember that as they take a misstep here or there, it creates a life lesson for them that hopefully they will not repeat. They are learning the things that work for themselves and how to operate in this world on their own. But at the same time, you just want to protect them and keep them from all harm. You want to put a protective bubble around them to keep all the bad things away. If only we could do that. 

I'm sure my parents felt the same way when I went off to college and never returned home to live. They would get the tearful calls, begging for help with something or the other, or receive the calls that meant I was just lonely and wanted to hear their voices. Those calls will probably come in the future from our girl, but if not that will be a good thing. That way we will know our little girl is happy and making her own path in this life. We want to provide her with a safety net so she can make mistakes, but know that we are here to back her up. After much worry, I think we have learned that this approach is not always the best. It doesn't seem to be stopping us though.  

I was only able to read two books the entire month. Of course, one of them was all most 600 pages long. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese is well worth the time and effort 
to read. His writing will drop you right into the muggy, complicated world of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the lives of Shiva and Marion along with their family. My book club had a lively, and interesting discussion of this book, so please look for my full review in the future. That's the future where I can breath again and write again. May you new month start off a lot quieter than mine, but with the joy knowing that your hard work to raise your children will help them take those steps to their own lives.