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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Patty Pick for 5/19/16 is "Room" by Emma Donoghue

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This book by Emma Donoghue sounds kind of gimmicky to the uninformed reader. Why would you want to read an adult book from the viewpoint of five-year-old Jack? But once you sink your teeth into the idea of living in a 12' square room for years while a being used by a mad man, you will be hooked. This book gives "scary" a new name and adds an exclamation point to the phrase "psychological thriller".   

Abducted by "Old Nick", our heroine at nineteen fashions an existence for herself and the son she births during this novel's span. She protects him and tries to educate him with what she has available to her in the tiny underground room they inhabit. During the seven years that the novel covers, we learn what is happening to them both and how they manage to live and survive in such sparse and harrowing conditions. Imagine having to 
make do with all most nothing from the outside world or even knowing what is going on. 

Will "Ma" find a way to survive and will anyone ever find them? Will they figure a way 
to escape? This is something you need to read and experience for yourself. The movie 
was good, but isn't the book always better?! Read the book first, at least!