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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Enjoy Life!

Earlier this year I made a one-word resolution for 2016, that word was appreciate. 
I have been trying to apply my resolution as best I can through thick and thin. Sometimes 
I am successful and sometimes not so much. When the real life you lead gets in the way, 
appreciating anything seems hard to do. But there always seems to be a story or event 
that brings this word back to my reality, and I do appreciate every little thing I am fortunate enough to have or enjoy. 
Just remember that no matter how you feel, there is always someone worse off than 
you are. That is an old wive's saying, but oh so true. Once a few years ago after my 
father had passed away, I was in the grocery store picking up a few things. I was 
trying not to cry just picking out ice cream. An elderly gentleman stopped beside 
me and asked if I liked one of the flavors in the case because his wife loved them. 
His attitude was so positive and he was so manner was so happy that he rubbed off on me and instantly lifted my spirits. I left my Harris Teeter's feeling so much better and thankful that I had run into this fine man with his amazing view of life. I got to see his 
whole family and he told me all their accomplishments and he was so proud of them that 
I could see my own Dad when I graduated college. The first person in my family to do so. 
He was that proud. I have not run into that wonderful man ever again so I am not sure if 
he was an angel sent to lift me up and just a wonderful human being who enjoys every minute if his life. Whichever he was, he made me appreciate my life! 
So appreciate everyday, tomorrow is not guaranteed. :)