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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Patty Pick for 05/07/16 is "Long upon the Land" by Margaret Maron

This book makes me sad and happy at the same time because it is the end of one of my favorite series, The Deborah Knott Mysteries by Margaret Maron. I was introduced to Margaret Maron's writing by a good friend of mine while we were both living in Florida. Debbie and I lived next door to each other and we both loved to read. We would share books back-and-forth along with book suggestions. We would also usually share a glass of wine while we talked and watched our children play together outside. She knew I was from North Carolina and suggested I check-out the first book in the series, Bootlegger's Daughter, from the library and see what I thought. That was all it took! I have been a huge Margaret Maron fan every since and eagerly awaited each Deborah Knott release with a healthy helping of anticipation. 

In Long Upon the Land, we are treated to our usual mystery for Deborah and husband, 
Dwight to solve. But the back story of Deborah's parents, really made the book for me. 
I do love to have all the loose ends tied up with a book. I know you should want to be 
left with thought-provoking questions to the universe when you read a book but not me. 
I love a book that pulls everything together for me at the end, especially if I didn't see it coming. This series has a special place in my heart since I grew up in North Carolina. My grandfather was a tobacco farmer and my great uncle also made moonshine and tried to outrun a few "revenuers" in his day. 

While I will miss Deborah, Dwight and everyone in this series, I know I will be able to enjoy other books and stories that Margaret Maron publishes. When I was lucky enough to hear her discuss this book at Quail Ridge Books last year, I left with an even deeper sense of the hard work she puts into each book and the joy of writing she passed along to all of us. As an writer, that inspires me to keep trying to improve myself and my writing.  
I picked up this book several times from my huge stack of "to-reads" but each time held 
back because it's the last one and I didn't want this series to end. So don't wait another minute and read this book and if you haven't been keeping up - by all means READ THEM ALL!!