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Friday, May 27, 2016

Patty Pick for Memorial Day Weekend is "You" by Caroline Kepnes

This book will definitely make you think twice about that nice clerk on the other side of the counter from you. It is a cross between "Gone Girl" and "Shades of Grey" with a 
serial killer thrown in for good measure. You will need a thick skin where language is concerned as this one pulls no punches on the reality of what people that are this sick think and say out loud. 

Beck and Joe have an interesting relationship to say the least. Joe runs a book store 
in the City that Beck wonders into one day. He is instantly entranced and tracks her 
down, finding out where she lives and who she has relationships with. He stalks her 
and plans on having her fall in love with him or else. Joe can be persuasive.  

Guinevere Beck is an aspiring writer who lives alone and definitely likes her 
sexual fantasies. She doesn't know that Joe will stop at nothing to have her as 
his own, but she gets a hint when people start disappearing around her. 

In the end, we are confused at which one of our characters is using the other one.   
This novel will scare you and confuse you until the end. The outcome will surprise 
you. In the middle, you will be glad you have not met either one of these people!

After you finish this one, read something light and fun for your Memorial Weekend!