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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Patty's Pick for today will be .... "The Time Between" by Karen White

I really enjoy reading Karen White. She is one of my favorite authors, as I think I have mentioned here a few times before. Luckily for me, one rainy weekend I stopped in one of my
favorite book stores, Pelican Book Store in Sunset Beach, NC. The lovely lady working that
day recommended a Karen White book and after that first one I was hooked.  I think I have
read most of her books and highly recommend any of her books for your reading pleasure!
Unfortunately for my blog, I am behind. I think I am behind in all areas of my life but I hope
to catch up soon. That's just how life is and we have to deal with it. So hopefully by next
Thursday, I can give you all a full review of this book, "The Time Between". I am half
way through it and enjoying it very much, but not often enough to make this date with my blog.
See you next week and don't beat yourself up over all the things you could not finish this week.
Life is just like that sometimes. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Patty's Pick for 9/18/14 is "The Pact" by Jodi Picoult!

The Pact: A Love Story

The Pact is Jodi Picoult at her best! I read this when my own daughter was in high school and let's just say it really had an impact. When young love goes too far how do you as a parent know? Jodi Picoult usually writes about something in the news at the time. She always has a great feel for her characters. They talk to you basically in every chapter. Don't miss this heart wrenching book. 

The close relationship of the Harte and Gold families bring Emily and Chris together their whole lives. When their friendship develops into a more intimate relationship the families are supportive. As Emily and Chris forge ahead with their suicide pact, no one knows. When Emily ends up dead and Chris is alive with one bullet left in the gun, the mystery begins. Don't miss the twist that Jodi Picoult always puts in her stories. You will not guess the ending of this book and I would not spoil it for you!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Patty's Pick for 9/11/14 is "Big Little Lies" by Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty has another best seller on her hands! This story is also set in her native Australia and gives us another look at a yuppie, upscale neighborhood and it's inhabitants  as they try to have it all. The setting is oceanside and the theme of renewal runs deep through this book. This book touches on other big themes like domestic violence, rape, and the cliques in every town and school. 

As we meet the characters, you have to love Madeline. She is the mom and person we 
all want to be. She is loud and proud to voice her opinion but she does not try to be the 
perfect mother. She is there for her friends when they need her but she is not perfect. I love the fact that she is human above all. She is married to her second husband, Ed, and they have two children together. Her daughter, Abigail, by her first husband, Nathan, is definitely struggling with teenage angst. Of course, who wants their ex-husband and his new wife to have their own daughter attending the same school as your children. This makes for some hilarious dialogue and you will laugh out loud. 

There is also Celeste and Perry who are the perfect, beautiful couple with a horrific secret. Actually you will discover that Perry has many secrets. Their twins will be starting kindergarten with Madeline's. Let's add Jane and her son, Ziggy, to the mix. Poor Ziggy did not have a good start to his new home or new school. Jane is trying to start over with Ziggy in a new place but what she is searching for can only be found inside of herself.
All of these lovely, and unlovely, people mix at school and each other's homes to your enjoyment and anticipation of what is coming next. The chapters are leading you to the answer to why there are quotes from different people at the beginning and end of chapters concerning a certain event at the school. It will keep you guessing, but don't 
rush it because you don't want it to end!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Patty's Pick for 9/4/14 is "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" by David Wrobleski

I realized that I have not included one of my all time favorite books in this blog!
"The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" is one of the most beautifully written books you will ever read. I did read it quite a few years ago but it resonates today. It is one of the few books 
that I think I would ever re-read. 

Edgar leads a wonderful life on his family's farm in Wisconsin. He is growing up with his mom and dad and best friend, Almondine, his dog. As a baby, he and Almondine developed a unique relationship. Edgar's family breed and sell a unique breed of dog. Even though Edgar is mute he can communicate with them. After Edgar's father dies unexpectedly, Edgar and his mom try to keep going. Edgar's uncle, Claude, steps in to help. Here the story turns into a mystery and you will not be able to put it down even though it's 562 pages. 

As Edgar struggles to come to terms with his father's death, you will be in his thoughts and watch his struggle to move forward. This is a wonderfully written account of a coming 
of age story, but more importantly this is a story of the heart.  Don't let this book pass you by!