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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Full-on Panic Mode

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Here it is December and I am in full panic mode! My blog, the editing of my book, Christmas shopping, ..... The list could go on and on. Reading time, much less writing time has been at a premium during the last few weeks.

Right now I am in the middle of Nicholas Spark's new novel, 
See Me. Well, not exactly in the middle, more like at the 
beginning. Every year I forget how hectic this time of year 
becomes no matter how much I plan ahead. There is this special time continuum that speeds everything up between 
Thanksgiving and Christmas each year! 

Hope you all are feeling less panicked, and having a wonderful start to your Holiday season! I will be back on Thursday, 12/10/15, with a great review of After You by 
Jojo Moyes. She is definitely an author you want to read and this sequel to one of 
my favorite books, Me Before You, will not disappoint. Happy shopping, cooking, and 
celebrating, and definitely reading !!