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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Patty Pick for 11/19/15 is "Betrayed" by Lisa Scottoline

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Lisa Scottoline has perfected the mystery genre. She mixes 
well-rounded characters with plenty of action to keep you involved in the storyline until the end. With this Rosato & DiNunzio novel you will be invested from the beginning with Judy, her family, and her crazy life. As Judy is adjusting to the facts of life around her, such as her best friend getting married and making partner before her while they are at the same firm, she also finds out that her favorite Aunt Barb has cancer. And if that is not enough, she is having doubts that she wants to stay with her live-in boyfriend who never seems to be there when she needs him. 

While Judy is visiting her aunt to discuss the cancer, Iris Juarez drops in for a visit. 
Judy has heard many good things and her Aunt Barb and Iris are close friends. Later that night Iris is found dead in her car. The authorities believe it is natural causes, but Judy is suspicious. Iris was a healthy person and it does not add up that Iris would drop dead hours later. 

Now you should be get ready for non-stop action. It takes off and you need to hold on. There are drug gangs, cancer, and stupid boyfriends everywhere. Judy tries to solve the mystery of Iris' death while helping her aunt deal with Iris' death and have surgery for cancer. When Judy finds ten thousand dollars, she begins having doubts in Iris' innocence. As she searches for the truth, Judy struggles to work out her personal life. This one will be a quick read but worth every page.