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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Patty's Pick - 10/31/2013. "Defending Jacob" by William Landay

This is not a feel-good book! But this is a great book! The suspenseful story line,      twists and developed characters all weave into one big murder mystery that turns into a family in crisis and a page-turner of a book! 
The happy, perfect family of Andy, Laurie & Jacob face a situation that no family wants to face. When a schoolmate of Jacob's is found dead, clues put the suspicion on Jacob and eventually lead to Jacob's arrest. How the family responds this event makes for soul-searching thought. Each member of the family reacts differently to this family crisis. Family secrets are revealed and cracks widen within the family unit. 
My Discussion Divas Book Club had some revealing discussion with this book. Do you always support your child no matter what? Are we blind to our children's flaws? Do we miss danger signs from the ones we love? Did the justice system railroad an innocent child just to have someone easy to pin this crime on? These are all valid questions that provided much discussion. But it's all wrapped up in the guise of a fast-paced, constantly changing mystery. 
You may close the back cover on this book and think "Wow!" But I can guarantee you will have an opinion. I think we all will be reading more from William Landay!