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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Patty's Pick for 10/3/13

Life After Life by Jill McCorkle had my interest from the beginning. 
I love her writing and the North Carolina spin she puts in her novels.
The characters and location add the southern touch that I enjoy 
Even though Joanna Lamb, a reformed Hospice volunteer, takes most 
of the center stage, I enjoyed the residents of the nursing home more. 
The thought of your loved one gently being ushered into the next world 
by their favorite pet or by loved ones that went before is appealing. You
want something good for them as they leave you behind. 
The residents recalling their lives, finding love again, and 
interacting with each other are some of my favorite parts. 
Retired schoolteacher Sadie and her positive outlook on life provided
some of the book's rememberable quotes. She stated early in her 
introduction, "The pain of losing people you love is the price of the
ticket for getting to know them at all." Even though several of them 
die during the book, you are wrapped up in the telling and it seems 
a natural part of the book. 
This book has a lot to offer - southern charm, lovable characters, 
familiar places, and a little bit of mystery to stir it all up. The only 
part of this book I did not like was the ending. Let me know what you 
think after you read it!