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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Patty's Pick for 10/10/13 is "Necsssary Lies" by Diane Chamberlain!

Necessary Lies by Diane ChamberlainI became acquainted with Diane Chamberlain's writing when my book club read, "The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes."  I enjoyed that book so much that I decided to explore some of her other books. I love to read North Carolina authors and Southern lit. Diane Chamberlain has written some southern-based books with realistic characters and North Carolina locations I know. 
"Necessary Lies" touches on the poverty of rural North Carolina that still exists in some places today and our infamous Eugenics program. It's hard to believe that this program was ever started but it did exist. The struggling characters of  Ivy and Jane bring this program and the juxtaposition of poverty and wealth to the forefront in this book. These characters also show the growing realization during this time in our history that women want to make their own decisions. 
Of course, even today we are still having some of these battles.  es, this book has a lot of layers, but do not think it is preachy or dull. It has been a pleasure to read. Sometimes it reads like a thriller and all of the time it reads well. Diane Chamberlain has written another best seller that should not be missed!