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Friday, July 22, 2016

Patty Pick for 7/21/16 is "Pretty Baby" by Mary Kubica

Loved Mary's debut novel, "The Good Girl." It had twists and turns that drove my book club and myself crazy! This one, "Pretty Baby," is also very good! Heidi, Chris, & Zoe have 
a nice, neat family. They work, live and go to school in the city and where Heidi rides 
the train to work every day. One day on the platform during a torrential rain storm, 
Heidi notices a young girl with a baby. A girl about the age of her own daughter. Heidi invites Willow home with her to dry out and intends to help her get on her feet by staying a few days. Her husband and daughter are shocked by her actions, but the twists and turns will keep coming after this. 
Willow's baby, Ruby, is sick and they both need food, clothes and help. Heidi becomes more and more involved in their lives and finds it hard to let them go. Heidi always wanted a large family and when she was pregnant with their second child, she was diagnosed with cancer and the child had to be sacrificed to save Heidi's life. Heidi still misses the unborn children she never had but planned for and sees Willow and her baby, Ruby, as a way to give back. As Heidi becomes more and more involved in their care and less in her own life, her husband is being tempted at work and her daughter is barely surviving on the little amount of food she eats. 
Willow has secrets of her own. She was an orphan that was placed in foster care when 
both her parents were killed in an automobile accident. Her sister was put into another home and Willow feels responsible for her. Joseph, her foster dad and his family have their own secrets. Let's just saw his twisted religious zeal forces Willow to do things that no child should have to do like, to clean, cook, and take care of his mentally ill wife. He refuses to let her go to school and Joseph finds other ways to torture Willow as well. 
Not to give too much away, but all of these characters need some help! How will Heidi 
let the baby and Willow return to a life on the street? Will Chris get fed up and turn to 
someone else? Why is Willow running from her foster home? Read this book when you 
have time to stay up because you will not want to put it down.