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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Don't Give Up and Always Remember

     I was all ready to review another book this week, but as is usual lately in my life, 
I just flat ran out of time. Getting up at 5am to work out, then off to our small 
business, then home to eat, clean, write, etc. There really needs to be more than 
24 hours in the day to successfully complete what I wish I could get done in a day! 
I am very excited about the success of our business. My husband and I run a sign 
company in Raleigh and working with your spouse can have it's challenges. But I 
am proud to say, that we run like a well-oiled machine most days. Being together 
so much of your 24 hours may not work for other couples, but it has brought us even 
closer together and given me moments that are beyond priceless. 
     He supports my goals. One of my goals being to publish my first book and continue 
to write. He and my wonderful daughter, even brought me a comfy chair so I could turn our "computer room" into my new writing enclave. I have taken over the desk, the bed, and pretty much the whole room. I wish it had succeeded in finding me an agent for my first book, but I am continuing to plug along. That includes currently writing two books. I'm not sure how that is going to work out in the close future but have no doubt they will be finished. 
     I am very proud that an amazing woman, Lisa Shank, has chosen me to help her 
write her story. She is one of the strongest and most honest individuals I have ever had 
the pleasure to get to know. She and her husband, Doug, have been through hell and 
back and survived. She has beaten a terminable diagnosis with grace, strength, and 
courage that would boggle your mind as I hope to be able to help you read for yourselves in our book. When I say that her adult stem cell treatment saved her life, there are no truer words, but it took a toll on her and she is still recovering with that same smile and grace. 
     I do feel that my life is going by too fast. There are so many places, people, and things I want to see and do. But as a very smart person named Jim Valvano once said, "Don't give up, don't ever give up." He knew that his life was coming to an end but did he lay down 
and give up, never. I want that same attitude - that same attitude that drives Lisa and 
so many people I know and that I admire. So bear with me as we take this journey, 
and please help me find that agent!! I'll be back with a book review of "After Her" by 
Joyce Maynard next week!