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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Patty Pick for 4/14/16 is "The Life We Bury" by Allen Eskens

Image result for the life we buryJoe has a problem. He has a major assignment in his English class and he needs to find someone to write it about. He can't use his own parents, since his father is gone and his mom is not your best up-standing citizen. He lucks into finding an elderly man in a local nursing home that was released from prison to die in the facility. The man, Carl, was convicted of the gruesome murder of his teenage neighbor many years earlier and is now knocking on death's door. 

Carl refuses to admit he killed his neighbor and as Joe digs deeper into the circumstances of the conviction, he is determined to get to the truth before Carl dies. At the same time, Joe's personal life is pulling him back home to take care of his autistic brother. His mom is once again leaving Jeremy for days and bringing home a man that hits Jeremy. Joe must rescue him at the same time that he and his neighbor, Lila, are tracking down the leads to the real murderer. 
As Joe comes closer to the truth, his own life and that of someone he cares about is at stake. He must figure out the identity of the killer to save them both. This has a slow start but it sets you up for a fast ending. Do you think Joe can figure it all out in time?