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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Patty Pick for 3/17/16 is "The Gates Manor Band" by Jan Hemby

A wonderful part of this book is it's uplifting quality. The story will pull you along with well-written characters and mysterious happenings. As we start our story, Julia is dealing with a family scenario, like a lot of us, where her mother has dementia and her father is the primary care-giver. After her mother passes away, Julia is visited by a series of confusing surprises, a strange phone call and a flashback to her high school days. Someone is sending her a message and that someone is God. 
Sometimes He takes a more direct route and that route is prodding Julia to locate her best friend from high school, Margaret. As one event leads to another, we witness the chain of life situations that can follow one good deed after another. With Julia leading the way, she finds Margaret and helps her to deal with the tragic horrors she endured as a teenager and that in turns leads Margaret to finding a way to deal with her addictions and sharing the lie she has been living with her brother, Preston.
The cast from the past and the present come together to solve problems and delve 
deeper into their faith. They find out that by listening carefully, they can find the way 
that life wants to lead them. And in turn, they will go forward to be a help to others. 
Pay it forward is the theme that runs through this tale and you will enjoy solving each 
character's dilemma as they come along. Watching the ending take place will renew your 
faith in others. Take the ride.....