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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Patty Pick for 03/24/2016 is "I Shall Be Near to You" by Erin Lindsay McCabe

If you like feisty female characters, Rosetta is for you. She definitely does  not 
act the proper lady for her age or the times. She noticed Jeremiah one day and 
after he helped her defend herself, she was all his. It took a while to move Jeremiah 
to recognize that fact and act on it, but he always had Rosetta in mind for his future too. 

This love story starts when Rosetta and Jeremiah marry. Not too long after they are wed, he joins the army to earn money so they can be able to buy a farm of their own. No one really knew what the war was like or what they would be subjected to. Everyone thought the Civil War has marching and then they would be home before you knew it. Rosetta sets off after him within a few days. She cut her hair and altered a set of his clothes to make 
her look like a man so she could be near him in the Army. Nowhere did she feel safe but by Jeremiah's side. They struggle to keep her identity a secret and manage to steal time together.  

I didn't know there were real women who served in battle in the Civil War. This is a love 
story between Jeremiah and Rosetta. The setting just happens to be during the final 
days of the Civil War, but don't let their surroundings sway you from reading this book. 
And by all means, read the authors notes and her sources from the end of the book. Erin 
Lindsay McCabe did her research for this book and that helped this story become as much 
a historical account as a love story. I always love to learn something new when I read, and this novel taught me more about the woman who fought in the Civil War.