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Saturday, March 5, 2016

In Tribute to Pat Conroy

Earlier this year, I chose a one-word resolution of 2016! That word was 
"Appreciate". I want to slow life down and appreciate what I have, what 
I can give, and what God & lIfe give to me. Unfortunately, life does not 
slow down for anyone. Grab hold and live! 

We lost one of our great American authors today, Pat Conroy. I did not know 
him personally, but you could not read the words in his books without feeling
that you did. As a Southerner and an author, we all aspire to find 
words like those which flowed off that man's pen, straight from his heart. 
I will re-read some of his awesome books just to be able to once again 
wallow in the warmth of his rich stories. I read this quote online and it 
pretty much sums it up....