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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Patty Pick for 8/7/14 is "Ladies' Night" by Mary Kay Andrews

It is August, but you should have time for one more good beach book! You can count on Mary Kay Andrews for a light, quick read with characters that react in humorous but usually true-to-life ways. "Ladies Night" is no exception. This touching, funny book tells the story of Grace who just happens to be a very successful interior design blogger.
Her husband, Ben, is working the business end and Grace is happy to turn the day-to-day 
operations over to him. That is, until she finds him having too much fun in his sports 
car with her young assistant. Since this discovery is made in their garage in the middle of the night, she has a very clear view of the activities.  
In a fit of rage, she drives Ben's very expensive car into their backyard pool. This did create quite a ruckus, as you can imagine. After the police leave, Grace takes a few things in a hurry and runs to her mothers apartment. Rochelle lives over the family business, the SandBox. Rochelle welcomes Grace with open arms as Grace tries to figure out what to do next. Ben systematically cuts Grace out of everything they own together-even her blog! She finally realizes she will need a lawyer to sort this out. This leads her to the Judge Stackpole who definitely does not like the female side of the marriage equation. He orders her to Divorce Counseling with a group of other divorcing women and then the fun really begins. 
Grace finds friends, a blossoming love, and a plan to start her life again. She gains a furry companion she names Sweetie. As Grace fights to start her blog and her life over, she finds out she is stronger than she thought and gains a new way of looking at her life. She even finds love. Read this while sitting on a sunny beach and you will not go in until you finish it!