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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Patty Pick for 8/28/14 is "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger

If you liked "The Time Travelers Wife" you will find "Her Fearful Symmetry" definitely different. There is not much that the author does not throw in this book. It has true love, two sets of twins, much dying, mental disease, ghosts, a historic cemetery, and stealing souls and bodies. Whew, where do you even start?
Twins, Edie & Elspeth are separated by a hidden secret and one is living in America and one has stayed in England. Edie has a set of twins, Julia & Valentina, and a successful marriage to Jack. Elspeth and Robert are struggling with Elspeth's cancer. When she passes away, Julia & Valentina find out that their aunt has left them her apartment and business. The only catch is they have to live in the apartment for a year. 
The twins who are waffling through life at this point, decide to take the challenge. They meet their neighbors, Martin who is struggling with OCD and finally Robert who works at Highgate cemetery and is still mourning Elspeth. Martin is having a meltdown because his wife, Marijke, has left him to take care of herself and moved back to the Netherlands. She is tired of putting up with all it takes for his disease and he has refused to take medicine to help himself. 
Not to spoil all the many surprises waiting for you if you read this book, there is so much that happens as this story moves forward. It becomes rather hard to keep up with whose soul is jumping around in other people's bodies. The "young" twins are inseparable but their stay in London proved to be their undoing. Read this at your own risk. A perfect book for October reading, as it's not too gruesome but definitely spooky!