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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Patty Pick for 6/5/14 is "The Memory Thief" by Emily Colin

The Memory Thief

"The Memory Thief" by Emily Colin is a great read. It has everything I look for 
in a good book - romance, conflict, suspense, and mystery. She manages to make mountain climbing sound fun and interesting. This book definitely takes a bit of suspension of belief to finish to the end but who are we know what lies after 
our death besides Heaven & Hell. It is well worth the time. 

Maddie and Aiden fall in love and after a rocky start, they marry and have 
an adorable little clone named Gabriel. Their lives are constantly tested with 
Aiden's choice of career as a mountain climber and guide. Aiden's best friend, 
JC, is also Aiden's business partner and struggles with a love for Maddie that 
he knows is never to be returned. 

Maddie has a premonition about an upcoming climb that Aiden and his friends
will be taking. Aiden promises Maddie that he will return. What happens next 
and how it effects all of their lives is the best part of the book. Emily Colin has 
solid characters that you want to meet and be friends with. 

Their stories intertwine with Nicholas Sullivan from North Carolina. Nicholas 
lost his memory in a motorcycle accident but dreams constantly of mountain 
climbing and a mysterious woman and boy. How they all come to know each 
other will twist and turn and have you wondering how this happened! Enjoy 
this book and I look forward to the next Emily Colin novel!