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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Patty Pick for 6/26 /14 is "An Untamed State" by Roxane Gay

"An Untamed State" kept my interest and had me reading to try to see what happened next.
Then when I got there several times, I had to put the book down for a while due to the difficult subject matter. This book is true to the characters and does not hide from the horrors of it's theme.

You either love or hate Mirelle, but either way you will want to know what happens to her next.
As a woman, this book played on one of my greatest fears - rape. What happened to Mirelle was not just rape but true torture. When she is kidnapped in her native country of Haiti, we watch a family and marriage unravel. We felt her unravel as a person. But she survived. She is a survivor as so many woman are who have to endure this ordeal. "An Untamed State" gave me a small window into the world of Haiti. I really don't know much about this country but seeing it thru Mirelles' eyes was interesting.

The dynamics between the characters brought many questions forward during my book club
discussion. Why did her father act the way he did? Is this a true account of what could happen?
Is this a true protrayal of Haiti - a country of haves and have-nots? How did she make it back
to a normal life? You need to read this book. It may be hard in parts, but you will not want to
put it down.