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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Patty Pick for 6/19/14 is "a land more kind than home" by Wiley Cash


This book touched me in so many ways. This family is a trainwreck from the 
beginning but the journey is not to be missed. You want to stop what is happening but that is not to be. It is true to life and will keep you invested until the end.
     It opens with Adelaide Lyle, a seventy something that has come to realize that her church and preacher are turning into a place and person she does not like or understand. Carson Chambliss has kind of taken over the church and turned it into a holy roller place with snakes and healing for good measure. He will brook no interference especially from an old lady. Adelaide meets with him and learns just how mean he can be when threatened. She will play a large part in the book to come as teacher for the children while the parents are in the regular service.  
     Wiley Cash goes on to introduce us to Jess, a nine-year-old boy who will 
steal your heart. The events that tear his family apart has started long before 
he was born, but he has to witness them all. Jess and his brother, Stump, 
have a special relationship even though Stump (Christopher) has never spoken a word. 
     Julie and Ben Hall, the parents to Jess and Stump are in a struggling marriage that they both blame on the other. They end up looking for 
solace and answers in the wrong places. The Sheriff and Ben's father try to 
help them work through the situation but you will need to read this for yourself to find out what happens. 
     Wiley gives us the classic good versus evil story with rich characters and a view of small town life of a North Carolina mountain town. The writing is 
excellent and you will be invested from the start. Can't wait to read more of his work!