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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Patty Pick for 10/22/15 is "The Last Season" by Stuart Stevens

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I was lucky to receive an early e-book of this novel through the wonderful First To Read Program from Penquin Books. The book 
was published in September 2015. It seems that Stuart Stevens loves politics all most as much as he loves Ole Miss football, all  most. As the book opens, he has finished a long, tough campaign and is hoping to spend more time with his parents. At times this book reads like a fiction novel and I had to remind myself that it is non-fiction. You will find out that he worked for Mitt Romney during one of his runs for the presidency. That has taken a lot out of him. He is nostalgic about his life and remembers the good times he and his father spend attending Ole Miss football games beginning when he was a little boy.

During the 2012 race, Stuart realizes that he has lost his zeal for politics and winning. He can remember true happiness he felt when he and his Dad attended those exciting football games together. The sadness of facing the losing candidate and his family is the last thing he wants to do. After his 60th birthday and with the tough campaign behind him, he proposes a special series of trips to his parents, to attend every Ole Miss football game played during the season that they can make it to. They drive to them all since 
his mom does not fly. They do miss a few but not many. As he visits old haunts, memories return of the good times and the way things have changed from then to now. 

His Mom enjoys the trips visiting the old haunts from their earlier life and spends most
of her time in a comfortable hotel room. His 95-year-old Dad is adorable. I want to hear more of his wisdom. We are all lucky children to have our parents guide us through life. My Dad did not start a successful law firm but he served others well and he taught his daughter that your integrity is all you have in life. And once that is gone, it is a long, hard road to regain it if ever. 

This idea of a trip with your older parents back to familiar places made me wish that I could have done this for my parents before they both passed away. Reading this novel gives us a snapshot of the time period in which Stuart Stevens grew up in and the importance of football to us Southerners. Whatever you do, don't get in front of us on the way to the gate! Enjoy this trip down memory lane - it is a good read!