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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jojo Moyes releases "After You" - sequel to "Me Before You" on 9/29/15!

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I've been waiting for this book since I finished the last sentence of "Me Before You" in August of 2014. Now that I have it in my hot little hand, I have a commitment to my Dansforth and Friends Book Club pick for October. I've really been looking forward to diving into the book pick of our hostess this month, Karen, for our Halloween month - Tana French's  "In the Woods." 
It starts off with a suspenseful opening and promises to keep me guessing throughout the book. I'll have to continue to look longingly at my copy of "After You" for a while longer. 
I have a feeling that Tana French is going to make me forget about it for a while. 
In honor of the publication, I am re-posting my blog of Me Before You! 
Get started reading both books today!

Sometimes when people write stories that include handicapped people you feel it's made up and not accurate. Not so with "Me Before You" by JoJo Moyes! All though the accident that changed Will's life is the main reason our two main characters come together, the story is really a love story. And Will and Louisa feel like real people with all their doubts, troubles, and faults. But be prepared with your kleenex box because I think you will need it. 

As we meet Louisa Clark, her own life is in transition. At the age of 26, she is living at home with her parents, grandfather, her sister and nephew. Her family is struggling with finances and depend on her wages to help keep the household together. Then the day comes when her boss tells her that he is closing the restaurant, gives her a severance and sends her on her way. After trying some of the jobs the Job Center sends her to, she is ready to give up. Then a job as the care assistant in a private home comes available and Louisa heads over for an interview that will end up changing her life. 

Will Traynor has it all - head of acquisitions for an international company and good-looking to boot. He grew up in a wealthy home and seems to have his life laid out for him. One day while heading to work, he is hit by a motorcyclist and paralyzed. It has been a hard transition and Will has become bitter and ready to die. 

When Will's mother hires Louisa to help with Will's care, they are both surprised by the other. She tries to break through his gruff exterior to make his life better. Along the way, they end up changing each other. As their relationship grows, you will not be able to put this one down! Start this book on a weekend so you have plenty of time to read it as you will want to cherish every word.