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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Patty Pick for 6/4/15 is More Time to Write!

I met with another writer recently to get advice and ask questions. 
He helped me to realize that to be a better writer what I need to do 
is WRITE! I have been stressing out so much on sharing my love for 
reading and posting book choices every week that I sometimes forget 
that I need to spend my limited time writing also! 

I recently finished "All the Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr!

It is a great book and I enjoyed it very much. It was my Patty Pick last week. 
The richness of the writing makes the characters come alive in your imagination's eye. One part of writing that I struggle with is dialogue. Anthony Doerr's writing is a textbook 
on dialogue! I hope to continue to study other writers as I share their wonderful books 
with you. 
I will be making my Patty Picks a biweekly event for a while, as I work on my own 
writing. I am searching for an agent for my first book and researching and writing 
my second book. Hope you all understand! Look for my next Pick on the new 
book by Susan Crandall titled "The Flying Circus" on 06/18/15! :)