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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Among the Ten Thousand Things" by Julia Pierpont

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I was very excited to receive an ARC of this book after the good press I read concerning it. But I quickly found out that there are some points in your life in which you read a book and just do not get it. This must be such a point for me with "Among the Ten Thousand Things" by Julia Pierpont. The book started off interesting enough, with the children receiving old emails from their father's out-of-favor mistress. The emails were rather graphic and made quite a splash in everyone's life. After that, the book just did not go anywhere for me. The writing was well done, but I must not have been the right one to read this book. This book has good reviews and I am sure it will find the audience for which it is intended. And I have found out from from my book club's choices, sometimes it is just not your turn to enjoy a certain book. 
Happy Reading to all who do enjoy this book! :)