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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Patty PIck for 2/19/15 is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This engaging book takes an interesting look at the world from the main character's eyes - through the window of the train on which she rides twice a day. Rachel has lost her marriage, her home, her job and now she is working on becoming a homeless alcoholic. How do we feel about her? We love her! Even when she keeps making the most idiotic mistakes in her life, we want to help her. She is us, if we had made some of the terrible choices that she has and has been manipulated by someone you love.

How she gets pulled into the strange situations that develop in this book are improbable and interesting at the same time. You want to scream at her to stop doing what she is doing, like you are watching a horror movie. Why did that character go in that room? Or go down that path? That's our Rachel, but you like her anyway. She used to actually go to work, but her drinking has gotten out of control and she lost her job. She planned on getting another one but somehow it's not working out for her.

Everyday she watches a couple that lives a few doors away from her old home. As their 
world is viewed from the train window, Rachel names them and deems them the perfect couple. She feels like she knows them. Then she sees something that will change her life forever. As she pushes her way into the missing person investigation that follows, she will make horrible mistakes. But we will pull for her to figure this out and do the right thing. 
She is likable even while she is blacking out, which really makes it hard for her to remember what actually happened.  This book reads like a thriller and a feel-good book at the same time. You will want to read it as quickly as you can. Thank goodness for the ice storm that gave me more time to finish this wonderful book. The buzz is right on this book, and you should read it now!