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Thursday, February 12, 2015

PATTY PICK for 2/12/15 is The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls

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Jeannette Walls usually knows how to wreck our ideal of the perfect family with 
gritty characters in tough situations. You end up feeling sorry for them and wish 
you could somehow make their lives better in some small way. 

As we meet our two sisters, Bean and Liz, their mother is off on another wild 
scheme to find her big break in the music industry. The sisters are used to making do 
and taking care of themselves. They are stuck in a dusty run-down town in California. 
Their mother, Charlotte, doesn't come home but that is not unusual in itself. After the police show up, the girls decide to take a bus across country to their mom's family home in Virginia and stay with their aunt and uncle, they have not see since they were very little. 

This is where the story really started for me, I love the descriptions of small town, Byler, in Virginia and the eccentric townspeople who populate it. I could have done without Jerry Maddox, but guess we needed an antagonist to spice things up. If their lives are not hard or strange enough all ready, he definitely adds more drama to it. Needless to say they work through some pretty adult situations and make decisions about their own lives 
with their mom and Uncle Tinsley. The story is well worth the read! You will love spunky Bean.