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Thursday, January 23, 2014

PATTY PICK for 1/24/14 is "A Lovely, Indecent Departure" by Steven Lee Gilbert

It is a rare treat to hear an auther discuss their own books, so our 
book club was very lucky to have Steven Lee Gilbert come to our 
book club meeting! He was a very interesting speaker and hearing 
the ends and outs of how he developed the story line were an extra 
reward. We were able to hear his background and the influence his 
family has on his writing, along with the process he uses. We are 
all looking forward to many future novels by him. 

"A Lovely, Indecent Departure" is a wonderfully, thrilling book that 
will keep you guessing until the end. Some people will notice that 
he does not use quote marks to denote conversation. I was so 
into the characters and their stories, that I did not even notice.

Anna is an abused wife whose sick husband, Evan, has been able to 
keep his true self hidden from most of the world. After she leaves him,
Evan holds their child's custody hostage to torture her more. 
Anna can not bear to lose custody of their child, Oliver, to Evan 
and so she abducts him. Anna runs off to Italy to hid them from 
the world with the help of her family. Evan and Sheriff Rossi try to 
find them and the novel twists and turns to a very exciting ending. 
It does leave a lot for you to figure out - as the author intended. 
I did want to know more of what happened after the last big event 
but you (and I) will have to use our imagination. 

The book will satisfy your longing for an interesting ending
with smart dialogue and characters along the way. I really liked Anna
and Oliver and wanted them to succeed even after some questionable 
choices. We don't really know the choices we would make if faced with 
these hard choices of losing our child to a crazy, psychotic spouse 
or any other real danger. I know that Anna and Oliver made the right choices.