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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book Talk not to Miss! Dr. Tom Eamon - "The Making of a Southern Democracy"

Recently my husband and I were excited to see that Dr. Tom Eamon had written a new book about North Carolina politics. My husband and our daughter had both taken classes from Dr. Eamon in Political Science at East Carolina University. I had met Professor Eamon a few years ago when my husband and I were on campus with our daughter. They both loved his class and my husband raves about it to this day. 
Dr. Eamon was coming to Quail Ridge Book Store to give a book talk about his new book, "The Making of a Southern Democracy", so we were definitely not going to miss it! The staff at Quail Ridge had to bring out extra chairs and it was still standing-room only for his talk. Obviously many people knew of Dr. Eamon's amazing knowledge of Southern politics and North Carolina politics. The audience included a lot of former students, coworkers and acquaintances. 
Dr. Eamon was amazing! He had us laughing one minute, thoughtful the next and completely captivated with his unique speaking style and limitless knowledge. I can understand why he is one of the few professors my husband remembers to this day and I am sorry I missed him. 
The book sold out that night at Quail Ridge and we were lucky to get a copy. This is a book not to miss if you like North Carolina politics and if you are lucky enough to get to one of Professor Eamon's talks, do not miss it!