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Friday, November 22, 2013

Patty's Pick for 11/21/13 - 'The Lost Saints of Tennessee' byAmyFranklin-Willis



I am still trying to process this book! I wanted to love it from the first page but that's not the kind of book this is. This is not a thriller that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. 'The Lost Saints of Tennessee' is a rich, full story that you will want to live in for a while. Put your feet up and just sink in. It sneaks up on you and wiggles into your heart. 
You want all these characters to get a break, but this is real life and sometimes the joys are in the small steps. This family lives a true life - a life like many families across the South have lived or are living now. The Cooper family are representative of many families in the South during the 1940's and beyond. 
Zeke and his mother, Lillian, are the main characters and get the biggest share of the story. As their family experiences the ups and mostly downs of a hardscrabble life, they keep going. The three older sisters and the twins, Zeke & Carter, grow up and try to find better lives. Sometimes life knocks them down but they keep on going. Zeke fails at keeping his brother safe and his marriage soon falls apart. As his life spirals down, he makes some hard choices and finds himself far from home. The quiet guidance of Georgia and Osborne help Zeke find a path forward. Read this book as soon as you can! 
Also check out the author's website. Very informative and has a good reader's guide for discussion. My book club loved this book, all 15 of us! The discussion was great last night! The Hummingbird cake cupcakes are out of this world!