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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Patty Pick for 7/20/17 is "The Orphan's Tale" by Pam Jenoff

Lucky for me I found #TallPoppyWriters and #Bloom Groups 
on Facebook. I picked a good book, "Dear Carolina" by 
Kristy Woodson-Harvey for my book club choice a year or so 
ago. She is an author that is part of this terrific group of writers that support each other and write awesome books! Now I find 
amazing book choices to read and contests to participate in. 
I won "The Orphan's Tale" by Pam Jenoff in one of their contests. 
This book has been on my To-Read list for a while, even before it was published this year. I was so excited to win it and really appreciatative that this great group of writers sent it to me! 

"The Orphan's Tale" takes place in Germany during World War II, 
but the main setting is a circus that is still operating in Germany and France. A young girl estranged from her family, and the baby she rescues from a train car full of dead and dying babies heading to the camps, drop into the midst of the winter circus quarters. 
The owner of the circus and his confidantes save their lives from the snow storm they were trapped in. Now Astrid, the star of the flying trapeze and young Noa are thrown together and need each other to survive. They each bring secrets with them and they have each suffered at the hands of the Nazi's.

Unfortunately they will suffer more while they are trying to keep the circus operating. This honest look at the suffering of individuals during war and their struggle to just survive against the backdrop of a circus trying to continue on, will move you. How much can an individual take and still carry on? Noa and Astrid will show you. Will these two opposites thrown together survive? They have more in common than you think. Their friendship will have you in tears! You need to read the book to find out. A 5-Star Book!!