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Friday, August 28, 2015

Patty Pick for 8/13/15 is "Doughnuts & Deadly Schemes" by Janel Grandowski!

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Janel Gradowski has her third book out in her successful Culinary Competition Mystery series and it looks like Amy is at it again. Janel has brought us some memorable characters that make revisiting them again a must. Amy, Carla, Alex and Shepler will
be very busy in this third book in the series. Amy is trying to plan her best friend Carla's wedding, when she runs into a murder.

The killer is wreaking havoc on the retail center of her town and the business owners are running 
scared of the mysterious stalker. All during these crazy happenings, Carla and Shepler are trying to plan and get ready for their wedding. Shepler, a detective assigned to solve the murder, has his plate full with solving the crime.
Carla just wants it all to go away and let her and Shepler have a quiet, unique wedding.
The food in this book will make your mouth water as the action is taking place. Amy will work
to solve the crime as she struggles to give her friend the best wedding she can. The ending will be
full of surprises!

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