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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Patty Pick for 3/12/15 is "The Shadow of the Crescent Moon" by Fatima Bhutto!

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"The Shadow of the Crescent Moon" centers around a morning in the lives of three brothers in the town of Mir Ali, Pakistan. It perfectly chronicles a society caught between the layers of war. In war there are always the innocent people who trying to survive while at the same time are caught between the warring factions involved. 

Brothers Aman, Sikandar & Hayat are having breakfast together on the morning of Eid.
Their lives have been effected by the war in unspeakable ways and they are each coping as best as they can. The details of their daily lives as they just try to survive another day is heart-wrenching. They make choices on this day that will shape their futures and reflect their souls. This snapshot leaves me wanting to know more but saddened by the truth woven in the native words of  Fatima Bhutto. This one gets a 3.5!