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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Patty Pick for 11/6/14 is Still Alice by Lisa Genova

After reading about half of this book I thought for sure I had Alzheimer's disease. There were many similiarities between the main character, Alice Howland, and my current frantic life. Still Alice by Lisa Genova is not an easy book to read but it should be a neccessity. With a large part of the population being touched by dementia or 
Alzheimer's in their life personally or via a loved one, everyone should research this issue.
There are many health problems to research today, but finding the key to this disease should be a priority.  Especially considering the sheer number of people that will be effected in the their lives. 

Alice Howland is a successful Harvard professor with a great husband and wonderful life. One day while she was out taking her normal daily run, she could not remember how to get home. Where was that memory? It was lost to her for some reason. As the disease progresses for Alice, we experience the effects on her and her family. Through their daily struggles the devastating details of this disease are revealed. Alzheimer's robs a person of who they are and all that they know. Read this book and then hug your loved ones. Then live fully and richly every single day!