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Friday, October 10, 2014

Patty Pick for 10/9/14 is The Time Between by Karen White


"The Time Between" by Karen White is set in Charleston and Edisto Island, SC. With Charleston being one of my favorite cities and Karen White being one of my favorite writers, there was no doubt I would read this book. In fact, I have been trying to get to it for a while now. There never seems to be enough time to get my reading in. Of course, writing a novel at the same time does 
make it difficult. But I digress....

"The Time Between" tells the story of two sets of sisters. The main characters, Eve and Eleanor, have both changed due to events they created and happenings that they could not control. Eve is now in a wheelchair and Eleanor feels responsible. She has lost herself in the guilt of her sister's injury and Eve has let her. When Eve becomes pregnant, things start to change. Eleanor is offered an extra position helping the elderly aunt of her boss and Eve begins to see the true Ellie come back to life. They both struggle to understand 
the changes and work through their feelings. 

Eleanor's boss, Finn Beaufain, recruits Eleanor to be a part-time companion to his 
elderly aunt Helena. They have recently lost Helena's sister Bernadett under mysterious circumstances that neither one seem to want to talk about. Helena is suffering and can 
be pretty hard on Ellie. Ellie is the name that Finn's daughter, Gigi, gives to Eleanor and it fits. Gigi is wise beyond her years and together they work to bring some life back to Helena's days. Finn seems to be willing to offer more to Eleanor that she is ready for. 

As the mystery around Bernadett's death is revealed, Helena also reveals the secrets she has carried her whole life. As Helena comes to terms with her decisions, so must Ellie with hers. So much happens in the last third of the book, that you may need to re-read parts to keep up! This is a touching and searching story of what one sister will do for another and the paths their lives take after those actions.