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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Patty Pick for 7.24.14. is "Pies and Peril" by Janel Gradowski

Hope you all enjoyed the interview with Janel Gradowski last week and the introduction of her new book, "Pies & Peril" that was published on July 8th. This cozy mystery will introduce you to Janel's main character Amy  Ridley. Amy will be featured in future books that Janel has planned for The Culinary Competition Series. 

In "Pies & Peril", Amy and her best friend Carla try to figure out the mysterious death of her main competitor, Mandy Jo. Poor Mandy Jo was found dead under the pie table in the contest room. 

There have also been threats against Amy herself that grow more dangerous every day.
As these threats escalate from a rock on her deck to someone trying to run her off the road, the mystery deepens. Amy and the police work harder to uncover who is behind 
this crime wave in their small town. As we are introduced to the characters and their quaint town, you will definitely want to read more of Amy's adventures.

Janel will be including recipes and other stories with this series. Check out her website, for more information. The winner of the free ebook copy 
of "Pies and Peril" was Linda Henderson. Way to go Linda and hope you enjoy this 
adorable book as much as I did. Thank you to all who entered the contest.