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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Patty Pick for 4/3/14 is "Calling me Home± for Julie Kibler

Julie Kibler's "Calling me Home" is a thoughtful and engrossing novel about 
a wonderful friendship between two very different women. Each woman was effected and shaped by their time in history. The two woman meet and grow into good friends even though one is a older white woman and the other is a younger black woman. 
Miss Isabelle is a 90-year-old white woman who chooses Dorrie to be her hair stylist by chance one day and they develop a special friendship. Dorrie is a 30-something black hair stylist struggling to support her family and deal with her life. As we meet Miss Isabelle and Dorrie it is present day and they have what appears on the surface as a strange friendship. 
One day Miss Isabelle asks Dorrie for a favor. She wants Dorrie to drive her to a special event in another state. Dorrie, kind heart that she is, agrees. As we ride along with them on their trip, Miss Isabelle relates her life story to Dorrie and the true reason for the trip is revealed. Even though Dorrie has her own struggles with her son and new boyfriend, she finishes the trip for her friend and they grow closer as they travel to Ohio. Miss Isabelle proves herself a good sounding board.
This is more than a friendship story. It is also a love story but reads like a thriller part of the time. I don't want to give away the secrets but you need to read this for yourself. Can't wait to read other novels by Julie Kibler.