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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Patty Pick for 3/20/13 is "The Supreme Macaroni Company" by Adriana Trigiani

Adriani Trigiani has written some good books. If you have a chance 
to read them, read her Big Stone Gap series set in the Virginia mountains. 
The characters in these well-written books kept me reading until I finished the last one.  I loved them all. 

A few years ago, my Book Club read another one of her books, "Very Valentine" published in 2009 about the last unmarried sister in a big Italian family. I went on to read the sequel, "Brava, Valentine" and liked it as well. When I saw that Adriani Trigiani had written a third book in the series I was excited to read it. The second one ended with start of a romance between Italian tanner, Gianluca, and Valentine, a third generation shoemaker. I wanted to find out what happened between them. I enjoyed Valentine's spirit and vulnerability and the crazy and touching family interactions.

This book surprised me. I loved the story of Valentine & Gianluca's engagement and what happened after they were married. Watching them try to blend families from Italy and America while feeling their way through a new marriage was a nice addition to the single Valentine storyline. Blending their old families and new families was a challenge at times. Valentine was trying to learn to be a wife and at the same time build a business. Gianluca was happy but missing his home, Italy. As they worked through their first days as a married couple,  through fighting and loving, you see their story take shape. Let's just say there are some surprises and some laughs, but read to the end because you won't believe it!