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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Party's Pick #5 - Lottery by Patricia Wood

My pick this week is a book that will challenge your preconceived notions on people with low IQ's! Of course, if you could ask the main character, Perry Crandall, he would say he is not retarded. He is slow and thoughtful. His IQ is 76 and you have to be 75 or lower to be retarded. 
Lottery challenges us to not climb into this book and defend Perry from his abusive and thougtless family members who start crawling out of the woodwork. Perry's Gran lends a steady and feisty voice to Perry's side. You see a loving relationship that will bring out the Kleenex a few times while you are reading this book! Gran is no nonsense and teaches Perry how to take care of himself. His true friends come out after he wins the lottery. This book has a full cast of characters. The characters are full and believable. Save some Kleenex for the unexpected ending.