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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen was one funny book!

Just realized that I did not post my thoughts on Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen, which I finished in July for my Book Club. Having lived in Florida for 7 years, there were days I did not think I was in the South even though I consider Carl Hiaasen a southern writer. Basket Case was one of his more entertaining reads. I loved the funny characters. You have to love an obits writer who is obsessed with his own and famous people's deaths. The names that he chooses for his characters always seem to have a double meaning. Jack Tagger, the obituary column writer, who is investigating the death of one of his rock n'rollers death, is goofy and lovable. The Slut Puppies has to be a real band somewhere - that name is just too good to waste.
Carl Hiassen uses the death of printed words in newspapers and magazines as an ongoing theme through this book. He was ahead of his time, as this book was first published in 2002.  That is one of my own pet peeves. I love an actual book and was dismayed this weekend when I actually tried to find some on my Goodreads list and my wonderful bookstore hardly had a one on the shelves. I noticed that they have really cut back on their shelf space. Oh well,  back to Basket Case, a definite read. Very funny!